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Letter to all members 22022010
25.02.2010, 06:00

Order of Saint Stanislas
Regency Council
In the name of the Regency Council,
I greet all Priors, Officers, Knights and Dames of the O.St.S.
On February 9th, 2010 , the Regency Council issued a statement to the Grand Master , Jan Z. Potocki (see attachments in English and Polish). In this statement, the Grand Master was requested to agree to adhere to the Constitution of the O.St.S. as promulgated and decreed by our late Grand Master Count Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki. In the Statement , he was granted a period of ten days to rescind all Decrees ( the so called Kalkow-Godow Decrees from 2009) and all subsequent appointments that were not in keeping with the Constitution of our Order. He did not meet the RC’s demand after the deadline. The Regency Council has thus decided:
In accordance with the Constitution of the Order of St. Stanislas , Mr. Jan Zbiniew Potocki is formally removed from his position of Grand Master of the Order of St. Stanislas
All functions of the Grandmaster have been taken over by the Regency Council until a new GM is appointed. All members of the Order are released from their oath and their obligations to Mr. Potocki. All decrees of the former GM are null and void.
The Regency Council would like to make it clear that these steps have not been taken lightly. Indeed ,as a mark of respect to our late Grand Master, the Regency Council observed a period of mourning and refrained from issuing the above statement before the 9th of February, 2010. The members of the Regency Council have always stood and stand in close contact with members of the Order in Poland , as well as with all other members, both nationally and internationally . Attempts were made to contact Mr. Jan Z. Potocki but without success.
Moreover , unauthorized appointments to the Grand Magistry have been declared, in direct breach of the Constitution and without either the consultation of, or the approval of the RC –( As it was wisely instituted and constituted by the late GM Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki )- These appointments were then made public over the homepage of Mr Potocki. 2
The goal of continuing our Order in the spirit of what was envisaged by the late GM Juliusz Novina Sokolnicki has not been carried out. On the contrary, it has been suppressed by the violation of his heritage.
The international image of the Order has been substantially damaged and has suffered greatly, by public appearances and the outpouring of letters from the former GM’s office under false and assumed titles, leading to negative comments in the press.
We, as members of the Regency Council, are no longer able to accept or tolerate this negative and adverse development in the Order without taking positive action.
The RC would like to stress that the heart and roots of the Order were, are and will always be in Poland. The Dames and Knights from Poland are respected by the international members worldwide. Over the years, the Order has grown beyond the borders of Poland and has become a truly International Order. For this reason, the RC has made the decision to publish all publications in Polish and English.
The RC plans to organize a joint meeting with all Priors and Officers, members of the Grand Magistry and Delegates from the Priories to discuss the important tasks of the Order and to make decisions for the future together. The time and place will shortly be made known by the RC.
The Regency Council will lead the Order together with the Dames and Knights to a new prosperity and future in the spirit of our late Grand Master, Count Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki
Yours sincerely ,
Richard Vaughan Rowlands
Grand Legate Wien, 22.2.2010
Approved and confirmed by
Dr. Don Hunsaker II. m.p.
Thomas Lorant m.p.
Mike Michaelski Lt.Col. m.p.

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