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Dear Dammes & Chevaliers
Just to respond to Mike Michaelski statement I was on that meeting
(26.09.2010), and like almost everybody knows, I was one of few persons, who has tried to reunite this Order from the fall since the last February 2010. Let me give to you some history input; -All has started last April traveling to London talking to Regency Council about reunion with remains of Polish Priories. Meeting was set and agreed to meet at Warsaw sometime at June 2010. Meeting was canceled later on, mainly due to mr Stawowiak's objections that football games are at present. Main Chief of RC - did not object to that and have canceled meeting -Again now, Vienna Priory made a gesture to invite us to talk about future of the Order. Myself, A.Szkoda and M.Veigh from Hungary, went to discuss at June'10. On that pleasure meeting, where RC was appearing, was agreed to all present, to; - rewrite Constitution, -to elect new GM and -to set new Governing Body of the Order. Chief i.e Regent of OStS (Mr. Thomas Lorant)-has ordered 3 members to work on Constitution; -A.Szkoda -A. Graff de Pancsova -mr Stawowiak Guess what and who was working really on that Constitution? All main work has been done by A.Szkoda. Translation has been sent at August'10 to everybody, Some comments came from A.Graff de Pancsova. Mr Stawowiak has done nothing but winning and crying, badmouthing me and A.Szkoda. After my complaining to our Regent - I heard nothing from him. Also, mr Stawowiak was not reprimanded for resisting his cooperation to work with us on that issue. He disobey Grand Legat’s order to work on it, meanwhile nothing happened to him. -Time was set for Septemeber’10, meeting will be called as a 2nd International Conference. Invitations has been sent out to all Grand Magistry and RC. Guess what?: We have got NO CONFIRMATION AT ALL FROM ANYBODY INVITED. Neither Grand Magistry nor Regency Council confirmed officially. From the mouth of Alex Graff de Pancsova, we knew that Mike Michaelski i Thomas Lorant are planning to come. Than after my communications, I was emailing info to Michaelski & Lorant about the Hotel status THAT WAS IT!! Our Grand Regency Council and his all Members did give flying s...t about Meeting in Poland, Constitution and entire event. THIS IS A FACT - I was responsible to book Hotel for all the Guest coming up. No one confirmed appearance but Grand Legat & Grand Archivist. That how important issue was for our International Priors, and we can see how much work RC did - to made public importance of that meeting.
Zero work, zero reaction. Chev. A. Szkoda mailing invitations to all GM & RC , send as well New Constitutions with English Translation. They had a whole month before Conference - but we have not received from them even ONE WORD about Constitution, remarks, notes, etc. I guess they did not bother even to read it. Reports on Events made by Mike Michaelski - have faulty statements I will respond to; -"we were given documents...with already decided…"; My answer; At Friday evening 25.09.10 , They received documents with time schedule for Conference with outlaid issues to be discussed on the Conference - NO NAMES were proposed and set forth. I was personally hunting this last Friday night Mike Michaelski and T.Lorant including their Councilor Dr. Alexander Graff de Pancsova. Let me tell you this – I did not know who will be proposed to this Body. All 3 very important persons from RC, having 26 proxies - DID NOT WANT TO MEET with our Grad Prior dr. Marian Król, in order to discuss new members and proposals for the seats in the new Governing Body. They excused themselves on the basis of having jetlag and being tired ( being already 2 days in Poland and resting in Krakow). Conclusion is that; that at Friday night,25.09.2010, RC members have had their mind set already for departure and escape and They did not want to discussed about personality for the new seats, cause for the was the senseless issue I am stating again, that no names were proposed to any position before 2nd Conference has started. RC did not give any proposals and did not want to hear our proposals as well, by avoiding meeting with dr. Marian Król. So statement of GA Michaelski - ".. that all was set and decided.." - is untrue and false. Nobody knows - what and who will get the seat at that given time. Looks like RC is following steps of Potocki, who , when making minutes from the meeting, is writing quite opposite to the facts appeared. Looks like RC was kind of fortune teller and knew before hand what will happened next.
(I thought that this ability was left to our Almighty). Fact was, that RC knew from the beginning , that Poles has set mind for the first choice of Grand Master, we DID not know who was RC choice. We have founded later on, during Legate’s statement, he had before Conference was opened - it was Damme Avril Sokolnicki for Grand Master RC’s choice. Before Conference has started, RC Legate T. Lorant has made a speech "smooth taking" about solidarity with Poles, but based upon the "legal issues with Potocki" - they cannot vote at all, and they have to quit this Conference and leave us this matter to polish hands; Let me tell you all Dammes and Chevliers; I, and A. Szkoda were stunned and electrified. Spending countless time , emails with this man who has ordered new Constitution at Vienna by himself, myself being working 5 months on this uniting agenda, preparing all materials, making several trips - this man Thomas Lorant QUITS in front of us!!!. Having no respect to come and talk to us before hand. Why did he came here for in the first place may I ask? For us, this was act of treason - spelled out in diplomatic words by him as ".. legal issue..”. For last 18 months RC and Their Chief did not do anything good to reunite Order, nor make a step to support and correct their unlawful RC decrees being valid ( removal of Potocki decree). For last 18 months, RC gave-up their battlefield to Potocki's hands, loosing every battle with him. All this time, Potocki was 2 steps ahead of RC. Would that conference was made in June as was agreed at London up on - we would not have to be dealing with Potocki issue anymore being afraid of "legal issues..". Chief of RC was in that time to weak to oppose maniacal ideas of mr Stawowiak to stop conference at June at Warsaw as was planned then. So NOW, let inform entire World of OStS, that personal needs of Mr. Thomas Lorant and his RC crew, overthrow unity of the Order. Mr. Thomas Lorant and his RC crew want so badly hold to the position they already had. Mr. Thomas Lorant's statement in his speech "...that RC will hold to old Constitution.." prove our point of view and shows , that he hold 2 faces; One; as man willing to unite and change , and second; - to hold desperately for his Own Grand Legate chair, from which he can control main part of Europe and rest of the World. He had no courage to gave up this position to younger more energetic OStS member - whoever he would be - it was not decided yet at all. That is why we were holding this Conference to discussed that. Thomas Lorant did not give us chance to do it. He had no will and guts to approve new, more democratic Constitution and to reconnect Order to the Polish roots (and hands), which has had belonged since 250 years to the Polish Crown !!!. He was afraid, that personally he is loosing control of the Order. He is old enough to gave up this position and let somebody else doing that part. Thomas Lorant's decision is being viewed by us, as act of treason to all OStS members for killing up proposed changes for new Constitution and reuniting of this worldwide Order under new Grand Master.
He has stopped new change and new Order from the path of remodeling new Constitution, refreshing new Government Body and reconnect control of the Order to his original ancestors. Lorant’s smooth and diplomatic words sounded more like as a Beast under the sheep’s skin. Those two different images of Lorant cannot coexist further more. We, OStS Poles cannot approve allegiance to the old Constitution That is all I have to say God blessed to you all Walter Kaczorowski OStS
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