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dear dame mervyn redding,

please allow me to present myself: my name is herbert class, i'm one of the 'criminals' of the other side.

please allow me further to ask you to reconsider what you announce above. there is no need whatsoever to hold an investiture in london on exactly the same day as the one in berlin. this is not a gentle nor a chivalric behaviour as you claim to stand for but rather a deliberate decision to bring individual members of the order in problems. persons who have nothing to do with the big revolution.

you are certainly aware that many many persons have since long booked a flight, booked a hotel, paid for the banquet, arranged leave etc. those are the persons that you aim at. those members and their guests are potentially innocent victims of your planned counter manifestation. something similar has never ever happened before in the history of the order. not even professor kwiatkowski and his second, mr iwanjoek, went that far. mr pavlov v'yalov neither.

knowing this, and continue with your plans, will be the worst action that ever happened in our order and you, milady, will carry the full responsibility for that.

please be so kind to think it over once more before going further with it.

it is not true that all noble and kind persons are at your side and the bad one's on the other. if you look at the hundreds of comments that had been written those last weeks you will be forced to state exactly the opposite: bad language, injuries, insults, everything ugly came from 'your' side. the ritters, the counts, the barons did not behave gently.

thank you for your attention.

class, belgium

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